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  • How long will my balloon last ?
    That will depend on which type of balloons you order! Foil balloons can last up to five day but sometimes they will last longer. We like to play safe with our answer, because it will depend on location and temperature where the balloons are stored. Latex balloons will last 5 days as well, but towards the end the colour will oxidise and they won't look as bright anymore. Bubbles Balloons have the longest life, and that would be at least a couple of weeks.
  • My balloons deflated before the time you said they would last, what do I do?
    The life expectancy of the balloons is a guide, they can last less if they are not stored in the right conditions but if they deflated on the day of purchase or the next day, they might be faulty. Bring them back and we can replace them for you.
  • Can I cancel an order that I've placed online?
    Yes, you can cancel or modify your order until the day before the collection is due. But please let us know as soon as you can.
  • Can I pre-order my balloon?
    Yes you can. Give us a call and we will help you over the phone, or come and see us. We take payment upon ordering and they will be ready for collection on the date and time of your choosing.
  • My party has been postponed, but I still want the balloons. What do I do?
    No problem! Contact us as soon as you know, as long as it is by the night before, and we will hold on to the order until a new date is set. If it happens on the day and they are already made, there is nothing we can do, I'm afraid.
  • Can I get my balloons delivered?
    Yes, we deliver to the following postcodes: BA1 1 - BA1 2 - BA1 3 - BA1 4 - BA1 5 - BA1 6 - BA1 7 - BA1 9 - BA1 10 - BA2 1 - BA2 2 - BA2 3 - BA2 4 - BA2 5 - BA2 9 - BS31 1 - BS31 2 - BS31 3.
  • Can you send a balloon throught the post?
    I'm afraid we do not offer posting service for balloons.
  • I bought a balloon elsewhere, can you inflate them?
    We don't inflate balloons purchased elsewhere, only the ones sold instore.
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