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Latex Bouquet Designer

Design your own bouquet and we will make it specially for you! Our latex balloon come in a wide selection of colours, perfect for any special occasion. We are dedicated to making your vision come to life, so let us help you put together the perfect bouquet for your next event!

How many balloons would you like in your bouquet?

Important info about balloons

  • Our latex balloons are treated with Hi-float, which extend the life of the balloon. Hi-float is non-toxic. 

  • They are inflated with helium. 

  • String and the appropriate weight are all included. 

  • The balloons last up to 1 week, but after a few days they will star reducing in size. So best to get them as close to the event as you can.

  • Our balloons are best at room temperature. If placed in a particularly hot or cold environment they will perish quicker.

  • Please cut the string off before throwing it in the bin.

  • You are welcome to bring the weights back to be recycled.

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