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This beatiful balloon is called a gumball bubble! It's a 22" helium filled bubble with 15 mini latex balloons inside, 5 of each colour. The colours are pearl pink, pearl white and rose gold, but you can have any colour you like. Bubble is tied down with a satin ribbon and we made a special organic balloon weight with matching colours!

Gumball Bubble - Pink, White & Rose Gold

    • Inflated with helium.
    • String and weight included. 
    • Bubble will last up to 2 weeks, but the little one inside will start to reduce in size in about 5 days.
    • Our balloons are best at room temperature. If placed in a particularly hot or cold environment they will perish quicker.
    • Please cut the string off before throwing it in the bin. You are welcome to bring the weights back to be recycled.
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