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Bubble balloon are made of see-through stretchy plastic and are very long-lasting, can be up to 2 weeks!

This amazing 24"bubble is double stuffed with another balloon, the death star is actually a balloon inside and comes with 4x 3" latex balloons under the bubble and some extra ribbons to make it even more beautiful!

The default colours are green and blue. You can have a different colour latex, just have a look at our chart on our latex page.

Star Wars Death Star

    • Inflated with helium.
    • String and weight included. 
    • Balloon will last up to 2 weeks.
    • Our balloons are best at room temperature. If placed in a particularly hot or cold environment they will perish quicker.
    • Please cut the string off before throwing it in the bin. You are welcome to bring the weights back to be recycled.
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