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The biggest gender reveal balloon yet! This pillar avareges a whopping 185cm high. The base measures around 65cm in diameter and the black latex around 80cm. The pillar can be split into 2 parts for easier collection.The parts are the base with approx 1m x 65cm and the large latex with approx 80-90cm in circumference.

Traditional helium filled ones only last around 5 hours, but this air-filled design will last for at least a week. The balloon will be filled with 5" latex balloons and shredded tissue paper of your choice.

Let us know the gender or the colour you would like before adding to the checkout. Don't know the gender? send us an email instead, we are great secret keepers!

The Big Gender Reveal

    • Air-filled design NOT helium filled.
    • All biodagradable and the weight is made using sand.
    • Will last weeks, but the latex stars oxidasing after 3-4 days so the colours will became duller.
    • Can be split into 2 parts if collected. 
    • Our balloons are best at room temperature. If placed in a particularly hot or cold environment they will perish quicker.
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