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This huge 46" tall airwalker unicorn can be inflated with helium or air-filled. 

Collected or delivered assembled and inflated.  

  • Helium inflated: the balloon has weighted feet to keep your balloon on the ground and created a fun ‘walking’ effect as it moves around.
  • Air-filled: used as a stationary decoration without the 'walking' effect.


Unicorn Airwalker

PriceFrom £25.00
    • Air-filled or helium.
    • Collected or delivered inflated and assembled.
    • Air-filled will last longer. 
    • Helium filled will last up to 5 days. 
    • Our balloons are best at room temperature. If placed in a particularly hot or cold environment they will perish quicker.
    • Please cut the string off before throwing it in the bin. You are welcome to bring the weights back to be recycled.
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